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Post  evea on Wed Nov 12, 2008 6:45 pm

. Character Name (Your Warhammer Online character's name)

2. Why would you like to join The Clash of the Karak?

already a member
3. What do you expect from The Clash of the Karak as a guild?

4. How old are you? Are you Male/Female?

39 male
5. Please tell us a little about yourself?
work nights and play games when the wife is at work during the day works out real well

6. Please tell us a bit about your gaming experience?

started with goldbox ssi games on c64 and never looked back have played one year at least in uo,eq,doac,ao,coh/cov,wow,
7. What is your play style in MMORPGS? What role do you usually fill?
tanks are my thing also a deep love for melee dps
if humans had tank thats what i would play
8. Do you agree to abide by our Guild Charter?

9. Do you like to Roleplay or prefer not to?
i can do either

10. List any other significant information here to be considered.
not much to tell game geek with deep love of computers


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