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Guild Application for Fitzevon Empty Guild Application for Fitzevon

Post  Fitzevon on Tue Oct 07, 2008 11:27 pm

1. Character Name (Your Warhammer Online character's name)

Fitzevon is my main, Ironbreaker. I have alts (Freyawynn the SM, and Celestina the BW)

2. Why would you like to join The Clash of the Karak?

I really wanted to be in a guild for WAR, and the member whom I met in a Scenario was very fun and focused.

3. What do you expect from The Clash of the Karak as a guild?

Social and material sharing,as well as group PQ/sieging

4. How old are you? Are you Male/Female?

Male 33 years old

5. Please tell us a little about yourself?

Will become a Doctor of Pharmacy and a 1st time dad both in May of 2009. A scientist at heart but with a soft spot for tabletop games and Xbox360

6. Please tell us a bit about your gaming experience?

I played WoW, Lord of the Rings Online, Guild Wars, and Tabula Rasa. All to kill time for WAR to launch.

7. What is your play style in MMORPGS? What role do you usually fill?

I like RPing, and while I love my Ironbreaker, I am new to tanking. I usually like DPS better.

8. Do you agree to abide by our Guild Charter?


9. Do you like to Roleplay or prefer not to?

prefer in public, not in private chat

10. List any other significant information here to be considered.

hope to havemch fun!


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