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Post  Bellaria on Sun Oct 19, 2008 2:57 pm

1. Character Name (Your Warhammer Online character's name)
Bellaria - Swordmaster

2. Why would you like to join The Clash of the Karak?
Ingmar sent me a tell and I asked several questions before joining. Ingmar was honest in the answers to my questions. So far, I like the fact that there seems to be a focus on helping others in quests, etc. that they may be working on.

3. What do you expect from The Clash of the Karak as a guild?
To be willing to group with other guild members in order to take keeps, PQs, just the everyday quests, etc.

4. How old are you? Are you Male/Female?
27, Female

5. Please tell us a little about yourself?
I work for CarMax in their corporate headquarters as a contract coodinator. I have a husband who also plays WarHammer, but typically on another server. I also have a 22 month old who keeps me pretty busy, so if I am grouping with someone and have to run off for a couple of minutes, I apologize now, because he does get into a lot of things.

6. Please tell us a bit about your gaming experience?
I played AoC as a Friar and I also played WoW and was a 70 Druid. All of these characters were named Bellaria.

7. What is your play style in MMORPGS? What role do you usually fill?
Typically, I like to play in with groups and I like to be a healer, but I thought with WarHammer, I would try to be a tank, which I have never been before.

8. Do you agree to abide by our Guild Charter?

9. Do you like to Roleplay or prefer not to?
I prefer not to, but don't mind at all if others do.

10. List any other significant information here to be considered.
I really do like to group with fellow guildmates for quests, etc. Typically, I do not play until after 8:00 pm EST because of my son. I do play a bit on weekends too.


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