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Guild Application - Religun Empty Guild Application - Religun

Post  RocSek on Thu Oct 16, 2008 8:11 pm

1. Character Name (Your Warhammer Online character's name)

Religun (Witch Hunter)

2. Why would you like to join The Clash of the Karak?

Someone invited me so I thought I'd give it a shot. Seems this game is best played with a guild.

3. What do you expect from The Clash of the Karak as a guild?

A fun and friendly place to log into and have fun in game, and on the forums.

4. How old are you? Are you Male/Female?

32 Male.

5. Please tell us a little about yourself?

I've been gaming since I was 17 FPS/RTS/RPG/ and MMORPGs. I've been a guild leader in wow which I left due to people in general becoming a-holes because they didn't get to get the loot they wanted. I Also helped found The Last, which is another guild on this server. I'm no longer affiliated with them. Another founder and I had some differences so I chose to move on. I still think Highly of them as a guild and think they would be great allies in the future.

6. Please tell us a bit about your gaming experience?

Any popular FPS/RTS/RPG in the last 10 years. Also SWG, L2, WOW, DDO, Vanguard, EQ2, LotRO, EVE, PotB... I'm sure I've forgotten some.

7. What is your play style in MMORPGS? What role do you usually fill?

I play healers and DPS well, and don't really like tanks. I'm more strategic rather then run and gun.

8. Do you agree to abide by our Guild Charter?


9. Do you like to Roleplay or prefer not to?

I don't mind rollplay for time to time.

10. List any other significant information here to be considered.

I'm 32 with a full time job and a girlfriend that gets a good bit of my time as well. I'm looking for a place that games seriously but isn't serious about a game. I log in when I can, and like to do my fair share of everything, Group, rvr, scenarios, PQs, siege, and Solo. I look forward to grouping up and getting some game time with you guys.


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