My sick-twisted movie list... at least some of them.

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My sick-twisted movie list... at least some of them. Empty My sick-twisted movie list... at least some of them.

Post  Alo on Fri Oct 10, 2008 3:29 pm

My favorite sick-twisted movies.

Here is a list of my favorite sick-twisted, vomit inducing movies that I have on DVD. There are probably a lot more that should be on the list, like the "Saw" series and "Hostel," but these movies are more than just torture movies. These movies are ones that have a certain "creep" factor that keep you coming back to them time after time. Here they are in no specific order.

Audition ===
The Japanese are nuts but they sure make good psychologiocal thrillers. I'm not a fan of needles... especially really, really long ones. (just creeped myself out).

Captivity ===
A new movie that doesn't give away too much plot and keeps itself reserved... and then... BAM! The ending is perhaps the best part and the only reason it's on my list.

A Clockwork Orange ===
In college I took a movie critque class and this was one of the films we did. I have seen the movie many times and is on my list of top ten movies. The book is a difficult read mainly because of the gang-language but the movie is wonderful and just touched on the language. The rape scene was cut by 12 seconds and reduced the rating from an X to an R rating.

Planet Terror ===
My favorite zombie-esque movie. Gooey, slimey, sick, twisted, masticating zombies running rampant while Rose McGowan kills them with an assualt-rifle leg. You'll definitely need a cigarette after this one.

Eraserhead ===
Uh... whoa. Eraserhead was done on a no-money budget over the period of a number of years. In one scene the director shot an actor opening a door to enter a room and a year and a half later was able to afford to actually shoot him coming into the room. As I recall the budget was $6000 and has been on the list as one of the top ten cult movies of all time. See it.

Naked Lunch ===
Bugs! A visual feast (nyuk nyuk) of bugs and typewriters. This movie inspired me to write a short story and send it into Amazing Stories... never got published. Probably because it should have been a book and I tried submitting it in two-parts. A big no-no unless you're a big named author. This movie will keep you guessing from the start to the end. I'm not sure I still understand what's going on.

Dead Alive ===
Goo-factor 10! Good movie? Not really. Sick, disgusting and funny as hell. Peter Jackson (LotR, King Kong) started off making B-movies and this is one of his best.

Re-Animator ===
I am a H.P. Lovecraft fan. Any movie that takes place at Miskatonic University and has Herbert West in it scores high on my list of favorite movies. When I played the PnP game Call of Cthulhu we were based in Arkham, MA and met Herbert West and while it was the GM running the character we had a blast.

Bride of Re-Animator ===
See Re-Animator but with MORE gore!

Videodrome ===
Blondie's (Debby Harry) first movie! This movie gives me a headache... literally. Reality TV meets S&M Porn before there was such a thing as reality TV. It is visually stunning and keeps you guessing whether things are real or imagined. James Woods probing an opening in his stomach (looks like a part of the female anatomy) with a gun and then losing it in there is certainly one of the most disturbing scenes in cinema I have ever seen.

Undead ===
A sci-fi zombie movie from our friends down under. This movie kicks ass, takes names and kicks your ass again. Just when you think you know what's going on it turns sideways and leaves you questioning your sanity. Just beware of killer zombie fish and you'll make it through this movie in one piece.

Koroshiya (Ichi the Killer) ===
Holy crap! Blood, gore and martial arts all set in modern day Japan. Either you will love this movie or hate it... there is no in-between. This one guy has surgically altered his face so he can open his mouth very wide. I mean VERY wide. He uses pins to hold his mouth shut until he needs to open wide. Weird, but has a very high gross factor.

Split Second ===
Kim Cattrall naked... not the old Kim, but the young Kim. Need I say more? Ok, ok... this movie has some great lines and sets a creepy atmosphere. My wife and I still repeat some of the lines since we first saw it all those years ago. Can you say, "Large Satanic Mutant rats"?

Slither ===
If you like alien slugs, if you like a huge, slither-bearing pregnant woman and you like zombie deer then this is indeed a movie for you. The best thing I can say is the movie meets all expectations and for some reason I really like it.

Man vs. Wild ===
Not a movie but a survival show on the Discovery channel. Why mention it? Any man who can eat raw goat testicles deserves an honorable mention in this category.

My sick-twisted movie list... at least some of them. Alo
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